Sunday, August 29, 2010

Catching up!!!

Group picture with my Ohio family!
Classic beach picture of Sheri, Kroy and Morgan
Enjoying a pizza while in Ohio
One of the many pools I had to choose from at the hotel

Mom and I before seeing a show
EE and I at the Wynn
Mom and I enjoying the view
Logan on the beach, the one and only picture..He HATES the ocean, gets SO scared!!
At the zoo in Gulf Shores, it was a small zoo, like the ones on TV when you see the animals escape from their cage!!

He LOVED feeding the animals

So it has been about 2 months since my last post, but I am back now!!! Logan went to Ohio for 6 weeks over the summer for his "companionship time". It was a long, but short 6 weeks, if that makes any sense...When I was not in the car driving to visit him, I was either working or traveling.

I went to see Logan over the July 4th weekend. I brought Sheri, Kroy and Morgan back to Mississippi with me, we went to the beach and I showed them some of Jackson. They were disappointed that we did not go to Starkvegas, I was always talking about MSU and how I love being a bulldog, guess they will have to just plan another trip back down!!

Towards the end of July, my mom, aunt and I went to Las Vegas...We had a great time. I highly recommend the Palazzo, it is the sister hotel to the Venetian. We gambled, shopped, saw Phantom of the Opera and Jersey Boys and were scorched by the sun. It would have been the perfect vacation if my grandmother were still alive to have enjoyed it with us, but we know she was there in spirit, while we were there, they were filming Wheel of Fortune, her favorite show!!!

Logan and I are back to a routine now that the summer is over. He has moved up to Ms. Marty's class at school, they are encouraging potty training, but that is no where in the near future. We are both excited about football season and going to see the Bulldogs play. We have a bulldog umbrella on our porch and he says bye-bye bully anytime we go anywhere...

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